January 20, 2022

An HVAC system has a crucial component called ductwork. Ductwork is a network of connections that delivers heated or cooled air throughout the rooms in your organization’s building. Problems with your commercial ductwork can ultimately lead to an inefficient heating or cooling system and huge energy bills. Ductwork problems also result in poor air quality; thus, your business’s or industry’s comfort is not the same. Ductwork is usually hidden from plain sight, so problems with the ducts may be difficult to identify.

When you notice problems with your ductwork, your first thought should be to call your local HVAC team to solve the problem. At Beyer Mechanical, we have professionals who are able to assess issues and solve them efficiently. Some of the common signs that show you are facing ductwork problems are:

  • Damage that can be clearly seen
  • Old age of the ductwork
  • Mold around the ductwork
  • Dry or very humid air
  • Ductwork that was improperly designed or installed
  • Higher than normal electrical bills
  • Inconsistent room temperature
  • Odd noises from your unit
  • Moisture behind the insulation
  • Problem with pests
  • Tangled ducts

1. Damage That Can Be Seen

Damage is expected as ductwork ages. Old plastic ductwork often wears out or gets torn up due to old age. If you notice damage with your ductwork, we recommend you contact us for professional assistance in removing the old ductwork and replacing it with new parts to avoid wastage of the cooled or heated air.

2. Old Age

Most ductwork will work efficiently for about a decade. As the age of the ductwork increases, there is wear and tear, which causes the seals, joints, and seams of the ductwork to deteriorate. This deterioration leads to air leaks in your cooling or heating system, which affects its efficiency.

3. Mold Around the Ductwork

Mold formed in your ductwork can be circulated through the occupied spaces, posing health risks. Mold is an allergen for many people and can cause allergic reactions. If you notice mold in your ductwork, it is essential to quickly remove it or contact us for assistance to minimize the risk of your ductwork failing.

4. Air Is Too Dry or Very Humid

If you notice dry air during the winter or humid air during the summer, this is because of failing ductwork. A leak in your ductwork system allows the entry of pollutants into the system and circulates them throughout the building, leading to respiratory issues and even allergies. If you notice that the air being produced is too dry or humid, turn to us for assistance to fix your ductwork.

5. Ductwork That Was Improperly Designed or Installed

For your ductwork to work efficiently, installation is vital. If you notice your ductwork was not correctly installed or is poorly designed, contact Beyer Mechanical, and we will dispatch an expert to examine the status of your ductwork and give you the best probable course of action, ensuring your system is operating at optimal efficiency. However, in some instances, fixing the ductwork problems can be without a complete reinstallation of the unit.

6. Higher Than Normal Electrical Bills

If your ductwork is not in perfect condition, your HVAC system is forced to work harder when cooling or heating the building. This makes the system inefficient, leading to spikes in your electrical bills. However, replacing your ducts may do the trick in other situations, keeping your bills at affordable levels.

7. Inconsistent Room Temperature

In some instances, damaged ductwork may cause inconsistency in the building’s airflow so that some rooms are hotter than others, which is a common sign of damaged ductwork and calls for immediate response. The inconsistency in room temperatures can also signal unbalanced ductwork. Ensure that you contact our professionals for assistance in such a situation.

8. Odd Noises From Your Unit

Another common sign of damaged ductwork is odd or loud noises originating from the unit. Rattling, shaking, or hissing sounds that are heard as air flows through the system are signs of undersized ductwork. Rattling sounds signal that your ductwork may be loose, while hissing sounds occur due to air leaks in your ductwork. In any case, once you hear odd noises from your unit, it is wise to contact a professional to diagnose the genesis of the problem and correctly fix it.

9. Moisture Behind the Insulation

Sometimes, due to an overflow or emergency, water may collect behind the insulation of your ductwork. The moisture can be seen by leaks or even damage on the outside of the ductwork, so the integrity of your ductwork is compromised. Therefore, you need to replace the insulation of the ductwork to ensure an efficient system.

10. Having a Problem With Pests

Old and damaged ductwork can lead to a pest infestation in the building. The leaks and holes in the damaged ductwork allow bugs and rodents to penetrate. These pests can develop colonies in the ductwork and end up causing significant problems in your organization’s residence. These pests can also block airflow in your HVAC unit, creating damage. Ensure that you regularly inspect your ductwork to discover any pests, and call for professional assistance if you identify any problems in the ductwork.

11. Tangled Ducts

HVAC units can stop functioning efficiently if their ductwork gets tangled up. Ductwork can become tangled when something heavy falls and twists the ducts, which restricts airflow or results in holes. Regular inspection of your unit will help you identify whether the ductwork is tangled so that you can look for assistance when necessary.

How to Fix Your Ductwork

Challenges with your commercial ductwork cause your HVAC unit to operate inefficiently. Some instances do not require full reinstallation of the unit but rather a simple fix of a pipe. Some of the quick fixes for your ductwork include:

  • Regularly cleaning your ducts
  • Sealing your ducts
  • Insulating your ducts

Advantages of Ductwork Replacement

Damage to your ductwork requires immediate attention to prevent your system from failing. It would be best to watch for the above signs. as it may be due time you replaced your system or sealed the small leaks found in your ductwork. Several advantages arise from fixing your commercial ductwork, including:

  • When your ductwork works perfectly, it stops running extra hard to cool or heat. This leads to less wasted energy; thus, your unit becomes more energy-efficient.
  • New ductwork ensures that your commercial building is safe from allergen and pollutants, which may cause respiratory problems for your employees and customers.
  • Replacing your ductwork improves airflow, increasing temperature regulation. This allows for your HVAC unit to last for a longer amount of time.

At Beyer Mechanical, we have world-class professionals who work around the clock to ensure your system does not fail. With over 25 years of experience, we offer the best commercial heating and air conditioning services in San Antonio. Some of the services we offer include commercial HVAC repair and maintenance, system installation, construction, remodeling, in-house engineering, and design builds. For more information about Beyer Mechanical, contact us today.

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