June 17, 2022

Cooling systems are invaluable parts of any office building. These units assist in regulating the temperatures around you and maintain good indoor air quality. As a result, every occupant in the commercial building feels comfortable, which helps boost their productivity levels. While there are many options that you can choose for your premises, multizone AC systems are a wise choice.

A multizone unit allows you to create different cooling plans for each zone of a building. Instead of relying on one controller or thermostat for your whole office’s air conditioning, you can adjust the temperature in each area using a specific controller. This way, you meet each department’s temperature preference. Although it’s nearly impossible to have the perfect temperatures for every occupant in your commercial building, zoned AC systems minimize potential arguments among the employees in an office. Below are more reasons why investing in a multizone AC in your office is a good decision.

1. More Consistent Temperature

Mostly, commercial buildings have a conventional HVAC system that can become inconsistent over time. In fact, this is one of the most common complaints among workers due to hot spots in the presence of an air conditioning system. This is because only a single thermostat controls the temperature in the entire building, so it provides cooling depending on the reading in its surrounding space. Also, when different people keep adjusting the temperatures, you’ll have temperature levels that aren’t ideal for everyone. Some people on one end may feel comfortable, while those in another zone may be in less than ideal conditions.

You don’t have to worry about inconsistent temperatures when you have a multizone unit. These systems provide cooling air to focused areas because each working area has its thermostat. Employees can make adjustments to their liking without affecting others in a different spot. For instance, the sun’s direction in an expansive office floor area can cause some zones to feel warmer than others. Still, offices with larger windows may let in more sunshine making the space around them warmer. A multizone AC unit will make these areas cooler than the less affected zones. This gives the entire office space optimal comfort levels for every employee as they go about their daily routine.

2. Increase Energy Efficiency and Savings

Energy prices have been on an upward trajectory in recent years. Yet, businesses continually look for ways to reduce their running costs and maximize profits. If you still use the centralized HVAC systems, it’s challenging to save on energy because these units weren’t designed to deliver cooling conditions where you want them. Every time it feels too hot in one area of the building, you’ll have to change the temperature of the entire office. Cooling your entire office requires more energy, which results in a higher bill.

With a multizone AC, you have ultimate control of the areas that need cooling. You won’t have to waste energy on unoccupied spots or those that don’t need extra cooling. Turning off specific zones can save up to 30 to 35% on your monthly utility bills. Some new zoned AC units come with motion sensors that detect whether particular zones in your building have human activity and signal to the cooling unit whether to operate or not. Therefore, the system can work without physical interaction, and you’ll still reduce your utility bills and deliver optimal comfort levels.

3. Cater to Employees’ Comfort and Temperature Needs

Getting the optimal thermal comfort for every individual in an office isn’t a simple task. The temperature at which an individual feel right can differ from person to person. Moreover, there can be a significant difference in the optimal temperature needs for both men and women. Men in the workplace may feel too warm, but their female colleagues feel too cold because their bodies produce less heat.

Using a multizone AC will provide every occupant in the office with different comfort temperatures. Employees don’t have to bear with one temperature setting throughout the office. The multiple thermostats in a zoned system allow you to set the ideal temperatures in each space. When employees are in an improved environment that is more comfortable, their productivity level also increases.

4. Minimize Temperature-Related Complaints

Generally, human bodies react differently to changes in temperature levels. When temperatures rise, you may feel drained because your body needs more energy to cool. And when the high temperatures last for more extended periods, you might start feeling some dizziness.

You can have the ideal temperatures in specific areas in your office by installing a multizone air conditioning unit. This equipment will provide even temperatures throughout the building so employees can concentrate on their work.

5. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Many offices have enclosed spaces full of busy employees for several hours of the day. These areas can be a breeding ground for dust, bacteria, and germs. Bad IAQ can result from different sources, including CO2 levels, humidity, colds, coughs, and tiny particles like fibers, hair, or dust in the air. Note that the indoor air quality in an office is a critical indicator that significantly impacts employees’ productivity, health, and more.

If you are still using a conventional HVAC unit, the ducts accumulate debris, dirt, dust, pollen, and other contaminants. As the equipment blows air within the office space, it typically circulates these pollutants, compromising the safety and health of the occupants in the building. A zoned air conditioning unit minimizes the accumulation of these particles. The dampers in a multizone AC system ensure that air only gets diverted to the intended zones. This prevents unwanted debris and dirt that may have escaped the filtration system from entering your entire office space. As a result, your office has more comfortable, healthier, and safer indoor air, which is especially beneficial to employees who are highly susceptible to health issues.

6. Increase AC Unit Life

The conventional HVAC system must be in operation, even if it’s just one zone that needs cooling. As a result, you put a lot of strain on your unit because it has to cool the entire office space.

A multizone unit can significantly minimize the stress on your equipment because it only cools the areas with high temperatures. This intern increases your cooling system’s life and ensures it works economically and more efficiently. Even better, it minimizes the risk of malfunctions and breakdowns that can cost you money in repairs.

Increase the Comfort of Your Office Using a Multizone AC System Today

Whether you need to maintain the ideal temperatures for your employees to be comfortable or want to reduce your energy costs, a multizone AC system is a perfect choice. This equipment will also help increase the productivity of your employees because they no longer need to keep adjusting the thermostat or try to cope with the unbearable temperatures in the office. Whenever you are ready to have a multizone AC installed in your office building, hire a skilled technician from Beyer Mechanical to do the job. We have a team of professional technicians who are highly skilled in HVAC systems, so you can trust that we’ll do the installations correctly. Since 1989, Beyer Mechanical has consistently delivered exceptional workmanship, making us the region’s most preferred company. We provide commercial system installation, in-house engineering, remodels, and HVAC repair and maintenance in San Antonio, TX. Call Beyer Mechanical to schedule a service.

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