July 27, 2021

In Corpus Christi, Austin, and San Antonio, offices and businesses tend to experience cold activity during summer. However, high temperatures can make commercial activities difficult to sustain. If you are running an office, a store, or a commercial facility, ensure that the HVAC system optimally functions. A functional AC unit will help you to keep your customers and employees comfortable. One way of ensuring that your AC unit is functional during the summer is through maintenance tasks. Due to the difficulty of various maintenance tasks, it is always advisable to seek professional help if are unsure about something. Here are ways in which you can prepare your commercial air conditioner for the summer.

Clean the Outdoor AC Condenser Unit

To prepare your AC unit, clean the condenser unit. The outdoor unit is usually attached to the wall outside the commercial building or situated on the roof. The condenser unit performs the role of transferring heat from the office to the outdoor space. If you fail to maintain it properly, the AC unit will lose the ability to transmit cool air and work harder. The strain of trying to provide quality cool air will result in higher energy bills and a reduction of your system’s lifespan.

It is vital to ensure the area close to the condenser unit is open. That means no objects or structures are blocking the airflow. Be careful to eliminate all debris and dirt accumulated in the condenser. The free space around your entire AC unit should be three to five feet.

The condenser also has evaporator coils that need some cleaning. Since a commercial air conditioner is more complex than a residential unit, cleaning some parts may be difficult. You can perform the cleaning task if you are sure you will not make errors. It is vital to note that slight errors when cleaning the condenser unit can lead to severe damage that will cost you a lot. Therefore, contact certified and skilled technicians to clean the evaporator coils for you.

Inspect the Air Filter and Change It If Necessary

Your commercial air conditioner has air filters that play an essential role. The air filters clean and filter the air that enters your commercial area. The filters achieve this by trapping dust, debris, dirt, and other harmful particles. After some time, the filter may clog, and this will strain the airflow. Airflow restriction means that the AC unit will work very hard to offer you the cooling you deserve. The additional strain will then lead to overheating, large energy costs, and potentially a total system failure.

Changing the filter is an easy task that you can perform on your own. How frequently you use your commercial air conditioner will determine the number of times you will need to change your filter in a year. It is advisable to check your filters after every three weeks to ensure they are not blocked. If you notice some debris or dirt is blocking it, do a replacement. If you do not have the skill to perform the replacement, contact us.

Clean the Condensate Line and Drip Pan

When the AC system extracts warm air from your office, it also eliminates moisture. The condensate line is the component that drains out any moisture to make sure it does not accumulate in your system, leading to damage. After some time, mold and algae may grow in the condensate line, leading to clogging. If the part is left unfixed, the problem may result in damaged property or air pollution.

If you want to know whether the condensate line is blocked, check the drip pan. Turn off the AC unit, and then locate the drip pan. If there is a pool of water in the drip pan, your condensate line may be clogged. Remove this water, and clean away the mold, algae, or other contaminants using a mild soap.

Cleaning your condensate line is a task that many individuals leave to the technicians. However, if you choose to do the cleaning yourself, remove any clogs using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum for around one minute, and then check whether there are clogs in the canister. If the condensate line is still clogged, use a rubber tube.

The next step is to clean the drain line at the access point. Remove the PVC cover of the access point and flush it out using distilled vinegar or hot water and mild soap. Leave the solution for around 30 minutes to soak, and then rinse the drain line using clean water.

Check the Thermostat

As the summer season sets in, it is always essential to check whether your thermostat is functional. If your thermostat is broken or not functioning optimally, you will likely experience the challenge of having uneven or inadequate cooling due to short cycling.

One way of knowing whether the thermostat is not operational is to check whether its temperature matches the room temperature. To achieve this, measure the room temperature using a thermometer, and then compare it with the thermostat’s setting. If they have a difference of over a degree, your thermostat is not depicting the right readings.

In that case, contact our technicians and inform them about the issue. If the temperatures on your thermostat are correct, optimize the thermostat settings to ensure you save on energy and improve comfort.

Get Preventative Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance

If you do not have the time to maintain your AC unit or want your system to be comprehensively serviced, you can sign up for preventative commercial AC maintenance. A preventative program focuses on maintaining your air conditioner’s performance and efficiency. Our skilled technicians can extend the reliability and your system’s life expectancy. At the same time, maintenance will minimize future repair costs and downtime.

Some of the tasks performed during an AC preventative maintenance appointment include the following:

  • Replace air filter
  • Check ductwork
  • Clean ignition switches
  • Replace or lubricate belts
  • Clean drip pan, evaporator coil, and condensate line
  • Check and clean blower assembly
  • Clean blower housing
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Inspect compressor
  • Test safety controls
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Check control box, wiring, and switches

Contact the Professionals

Preparing your commercial AC unit before the summer season will play a vital role in keeping your office occupants comfortable the entire season. At Beyer Mechanical, we offer quality commercial AC maintenance services. We have a team of technicians who are always ready to make your vision a reality. Contact our experts today to enjoy quality HVAC services in the San Antonio area.

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