Commercial HVAC Repair & Maintenance in Corpus ChristiMaintaining your commercial HVAC system is incredibly important, especially in the Corpus Christi, TX heat. The Indoor Air Quality Association tells us that getting your system regularly maintained by a certified and trained HVAC technician can prevent as many as 95% of commercial HVAC repair needs. Without maintenance, you’ll get a decade of use out of an HVAC unit, but if it’s properly maintained, you can count on your system lasting up to 15 years.

Depending on the square footage of your commercial space, replacing an HVAC system starts at $5,000, not including ductwork repairs or installation costs. Repairing your heating and cooling system makes sense when the repairs don’t cost more than half the price of a new one.

Expert Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Having the HVAC cover removed and unit blown out, component testing, cleaning connections, and changing small parts that need to be replaced regularly can reduce how much energy your HVAC system uses. When machines are bogged down by debris, they have to work harder to pull air while pushing out less air. You might notice how your AC isn’t keeping up in hot weather or your heat doesn’t blow hot enough. You might need a space heater in winter. That’s a sign that your system needs maintenance.

Wear and tear to your heating and cooling system is normal, and it’s only natural that it’ll need to be repaired as it ages.

Beyer Mechanical understands that commercial HVAC repairs and maintenance should be:
  • Cost effective
  • Sensical for the life expectancy of the system
  • Made to extend the life of the system
  • Designed to save money in long run

Many commercial property owners don’t realize that failing to get their units properly maintained can void their warranty. HVAC manufacturers need proof that annual maintenance was done on a regular schedule before they’ll approve claims for replacement parts and repairs. HVAC components can be expensive, and if you don’t have regular maintenance done on your system, you’ll be paying for them out of pocket.

Commercial HVAC Repair in Corpus Christi

Commercial HVAC Repair in Corpus ChristiDespite your best efforts to keep your system maintained, breakdowns happen. If your maintenance has been performed on time every year and your unit is still under warranty, the repairs will most likely be covered by the manufacturer. We understand how important it is to save customers money whenever possible and try to keep costs low for repairs on systems that are out of warranty.

Most HVAC repairs are minor and can be completed at a price that’s far lower than the replacement cost of the system. If your system is as efficient as other modern systems on the market and if the unit comes with all the technological improvements it should have to keep your business comfortable, it’s most likely worth repairing.

When your system needs to be repaired, you need a trusted technician to get you the help you need at prices you can afford. Beyer Mechanical in Corpus Christi has been in business for more than 25 years. Our licensed and knowledgeable technicians can schedule you for regular commercial HVAC maintenance that keeps your warranty valid and prevents breakdowns.

When you need commercial HVAC repair, we’re here 24/7 to get you what you need and keep you operational. Call now for all your commercial HVAC needs, including installation.

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