August 16, 2022

You want your business in San Antonio to run smoothly. Part of this is ensuring that your commercial AC unit is functioning at peak condition. Regular commercial AC maintenance helps build a comfortable, healthy, productive workplace while at the same time minimizing maintenance and energy use costs. With that in mind, how often should your commercial AC unit be serviced?

Why Does a Commercial HVAC System Need Maintenance?

To keep your commercial HVAC system performing at its peak condition, it needs frequent maintenance. Several factors influence how frequently you should schedule commercial AC maintenance. However, a general rule of thumb is to schedule maintenance two times each year. You would do this one time during the spring and another time during the fall. Your spring checkup ensures that the AC unit will work at peak condition once the temperature gets hot.

Your fall checkup will prioritize winterizing the unit, protecting it from the cold, snow, and other inclement weather factors that could damage the unit. The older the unit is and the heavier the strain you put on the AC unit during its active months, the more frequent it will need checkups.

Our technicians at Beyer Mechanical can provide professional maintenance for your commercial air conditioning system and will help you identify issues you cannot see. The goal is to prevent unexpected and expensive repairs.

What Does a Technician Do During Your Bi-Annual AC Maintenance Appointment?

Commercial air conditioning maintenance includes a comprehensive review of your unit’s health, safety, and wellness. The technicians will inspect and maintain the system components. This includes cleaning the blowers, coils, and condensate drain.

They will check all electrical components and lubricate the moving parts of your system as needed. A vital part of the maintenance is verifying refrigerant levels. If the refrigerant levels in your unit get too low, it could damage the unit’s compressor.

A systems diagnostics check will ensure the proper functioning of the thermostat and the system. Your ductwork will be examined to identify and fix any leaks. The goal is to prevent wasted or lost conditioned air, which will lead to wasted energy and create an uncomfortable working environment.

Your system will be checked for any components that are worn out or on the verge of breaking. The goal is to proactively address potential damage and repairs before they lead to a system breakdown, which could affect the well-being of your employees, the comfort level of customers, and the overall reputation of your business.

When More Than Maintenance and Repair Are Needed

The goal of regular maintenance and repair is to extend your unit’s lifecycle and keep your air conditioner functioning efficiently. However, you may notice that your unit is hogging energy or needs frequent repair. At this point, you may wish to speak with Beyer Mechanical’s technicians about an air conditioner replacement. This is especially recommended for systems over 10 years old or that have had multiple repairs. Upgrading your system could save you up to 40% on energy costs, and several tax incentives and energy rebates can save you thousands of dollars on your new investment.

Most AC maintenance tasks should be restricted to HVAC professionals. However, some simple jobs could be performed by building maintenance staff or other trained and experienced individuals. The following are some things building maintenance crews may want to include as part of their AC maintenance.

Regularly Changing Air Filters

The filters need to be in good condition for air to flow through your air conditioning system. If not, they will restrict airflow and result in your AC unit working harder and using more energy. In a commercial environment, dust and small particulates are a common cause of blocking air filters. If your building is used for particularly dirty activities, like production or manufacturing, it is even more important that your AC unit filters be evaluated regularly.

Air conditioning unit filters should be changed whenever they are visibly dirty. In most environments, this is once every three months. However, there is no harm in checking or changing your filters more often if this is required.

Visibly Inspect the System

Visibly inspecting the system may seem obvious, but it is surprising how infrequently it is done. Building managers and engineers may put off doing visual checks until a system failure happens. In many cases, system failures could have been prevented when they were minor issues and easy to fix.

A visual inspection means looking at your AC unit for rust, leaks, dirty refrigerant lines, or disconnected pipes. Visually inspect the vents to ensure they are free from debris or anything that can cause blockage. Also, ensure that your cooling appliances have a clearance space of at least 3 feet. If, during the visible inspection, you notice that something is out of whack with your AC unit, contact us at Beyer Mechanical. Our technicians stand ready to help you address any HVAC concerns.

Check and Clean Drainage Lines

As it operates, your air conditioning unit creates water vapor. This vapor must be directed outside the building to avoid structural damage. Typically, condensation travels through drainage lines to an exterior collection tray where it evaporates into the air.

With time, this tray may collect dust, microbes, and bacteria, including mold and algae. All of this creates byproducts that can block your system. If the tray is not emptied regularly, it could overflow, potentially damaging your property.

For this reason, it is essential to routinely check and see if everything is working as it should. Drainage lines need to be cleared, and the water that goes to the condensate drain should be evaporating in the collection pan and not overflowing.

Although there are tasks that building maintenance staff may carry out, there are several tasks that a professional HVAC tech must handle. This includes required replacement and repair of damaged parts, in-depth diagnostics, and in-depth maintenance.

With regular maintenance, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your AC system is safe. You’ll also have the financial benefits of knowing that it is operating at maximum efficiency.

Working with Dedicated and Established HVAC Professionals in San Antonio

At Beyer Mechanical, we are a team of dedicated, established professionals providing unparalleled HVAC services for commercial clients. Our focus is safety, exceptional results, and total satisfaction with our work. Our commitment to high-quality work coupled with lasting results and the use of top-tier products means that when you work with us, you get access to the best in commercial comfort.

You can count on Beyer Mechanical to provide services, including commercial HVAC repair and maintenance, system installation, new construction installs, remodels, design, and in-house engineering and design builds. We take our position as leaders in the field of HVAC in San Antonio very seriously. We are proud to be a trusted resource with a skilled and experienced team who can handle all your commercial repair installation and maintenance needs. Contact Beyer Mechanical today, and one of our team members will happily help you find the best solution for your commercial comfort needs.

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